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Emergency Drone Recovery Systems

For Drones, Multicopters and UAV's having a nominal weight of:

22 to 45 lbs (10 - 20 Kg)

All of these EDR systems use a small  non-regulated* pyro pellet and non-regulated* initiators (See User Manual) that work together with an internal pressure regulator to act as a GAS GENERATOR to eject the parachute at a great velocity to quickly get it away from the rotors and allows for the quickest possible inflation! Because of this rapid ejection, the EDR system does not have to be mounted at an angle to keep it away from the rotors! And the great news is that when your drone is coming down for lack of battery power, this system does not need a massive amount of current to fire like the high current thermal-fuse systems do!


*This means that they can be shipped to you door!

These are being machined now and are coming VERY soon...

So, while you are waiting for them, check out this first full test of an

Emergency Drone Recovery System with a 120" Fruity Chute IFC-120-S parachute!

Keep in mind that this EDR System is capable of recovering a

45 pound Multicopter at about 15fps!

(Yeah, I know, I might need to turn the pressure regulator down a bit! However, as you can see it has plenty of power to throw this large chute to maximum extension VERY quickly!)

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