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8gm Peregrine - how I use it in my 2.75 inch go fast rocket...

This is one of my go fast rockets. This rocket is 2.75 inches in diameter and is 5 feet tall. I call this rocket “Spooky Dude”. Spooky Dude was originally designed to use a BP charge to both separate the nosecone and to eject the main parachute. After a half dozen successful flights using BP I have converted it to use CO2 only. These pictures to show how I setup the Peregrine to eject the nosecone and deploy a small drogue in this rocket:

8gm Peregrine attached to the nosecone bulkhead:


The 8gm Peregrine CO2 unit is mounted to an aluminum bulkhead using the supplied hardware.


Note: While this method of attaching the Kevlar “shock cord” to the mount of the Peregrine unit is not a preferred method, it works here because of the very small drogue used with this rocket (12 inch) and would work for a drogue-less design as well

Side view of the 8gm Peregrine attached to a nosecone bulkhead:


In this side view notice that the supplied nuts are being used as “stand offs” when mounting this Peregrine 8gm CO2 unit to this bulkhead. The supplied nuts when used as spacers provide plenty of space for the CO2 to fill the chute bay quickly.

8gm Peregrine attached to a bulkhead inside the nosecone:


I mounted the 8gm Peregrine under the nosecone bulkhead primarily because there is a DC-20 transmitter is on the other side!


In addition, this is a preferred method for mounting both the 8 and 12 gm Peregrine units in any rocket where high acceleration forces are expected. While “doing the math” suggests that this unit can handle over 100g’s of acceleration forces without inadvertently puncturing the CO2 cartridge, I personally advise caution in any rocket that might do over 30g’s.



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