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TR Recovery EDR-13 Kg (29 lbs) @ 15fps


  • Model: EDR-2.75-96-SUL

  • Amazingly lightweight at about 435 grams!

  • Fires with less than 1 amp!

  • Designed and Manufactured by: TR Recovery Solutions



This complete Emergency Drone Recovery system uses a Fruity Chute IFC-96-SUL (Compact-Ultra-Lite) parachute and is designed for Drones and other UAV’s having a nominal weight of 29 lbs (13 Kg) with a decent rate of 15fps.


Maximum suggested Drone weight:  51 lbs (23 Kg) with a decent rate of 20fps.


Note: At this heavier weight and faster decent rate some damage to the aircraft can be expected.


This EDR system uses a 2.75 inch (70mm) Carbon Fiber Ejection Canister containing an IFC-96-SUL parachute and is 9.1” tall.



Included with this EDR system:


  • Fruity Chute IFC-96-SUL Compact-Ultra-Lite Parachute

  • Incredibly small and lightweight thin walled Carbon Fiber ejection canister with cap

  • Integral pressure regulator/gas generator

  • 10 Non-regulated pyro initiators

  • Nomex/Kevlar Sabot Parachute Deployment Bag

  • Kevlar riser with Quick-link for rapid attachment to your harness

  • Kevlar harness, for attaching to your Aircraft

  • Mounting hardware

  • Other mounting solutions will be available soon


NOT included:


Triple Seven FFFG- available through you local sporting goods store or online through Midway or Cabella’s or other large online distributor.


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