Exhaustless Peregrine 12g

The Exhaustless Peregrine 8 & 12g Kit Contains everything you need for 2 complete deployment systems! --Click--

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The Exhaustless Peregrine
8 & 12g Kit
  • ​Tinder Rocketry is pleased to announce the release of the Peregrine!

  • The Peregrine is similar in results to other CO2 ejection devices, but looks and works quite differently!

  • The Peregrine is an “Exhaustless” CO2 deployment device that is designed and intended to be located inside the Av-bay right next to the altimeters!! It will discharge through the bulkhead into the parachute compartment.

  • The Peregrine can use e-match type initiators.

  • The small pyro charge is completely sealed off from the outside as to not let ANY of the pyro exhaust out into the Av-bay!

  •  The Peregrine Starter Kit includes everything you need for TWO CO2 ejection systems, an 8gram and a 12 gram. This kit is intended for the somewhat smaller rockets up to 5" diameter (Please see the instruction manual for proper sizing!) The kit includes V2 charge cups for  e-match type initiators.

Price: $179

Click HERE to download the PDF instruction manual

At the request of one of our customers, we developed and introduced the "Dual Cap 54" for the Peregrine allowing you to fly dual Peregrines inside a

54mm rocket!!


The Dual Cap 54 is sold seperatly and comes as a complete assembly ready for you to attach your Peregrines!


Price: $48

Testing the Exhaustless Peregrine 12g