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New for 2022 is the very strong, Completely Exhaustless TD-2 Tether and Release Device!



Can stand over 2000# initial shock load

Can release with over 1500# still attached!

Can work and release at extreme altitudes!

Precision Machined Construction!

Compact size: 3.75" OAL x 1.06 max width

About 100 grams

Completely Exhaustless!

TD-2 "Kit"
Testing the TD-2
Testing the TD-2 with a SINGLE Firewire Initiator
Testing the TD-2 with a "substantial load" attached!
In this video we go "Full Redneck" and test the prototype TD-2  by picking up and dropping the back of a 1-ton Dodge Diesel with an extended cab, long bed dualy!
 Price - $105

8-8-22 Check out the updated User Instructions!

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