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 The Eagle
CO2 Ejection System



Precision Machined Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction

Works with ANY 3/8"or 1/2" threaded CO2 cartridge

Acceleration immune regardless of orientation

Exhausts out the end so it can be completely housed INSIDE the avionics bay

Lightweight- about 4 oz without CO2

Works with BP or BP substitute

Works in a complete vacuum & in deep cold!

Lifetime Tech Support & Lifetime Warranty


The "Double Eagle" Kit

Double Eagle Kit includes:


Two Precision Machined Aluminum Housings

Two 3/8" & Two 1/2" Cartridge Adapters

(5/8" Cartridge Adapters Sold Separately)

Two Dual Charge Cups

Charge Cup Sealing Putty & Sealing o-rings

2 Puncture Piston Assemblies

Assembly Lube (Works the best of anything I have found)

Extra O-rings

Powder Measure Vials

Six 16gm CO2 ctgs, Two 23gm CO2 ctgs & Two 35gm CO2 ctgs

In short, everything you need to run Double Eagles!

Price: $279

5-5-23 Check out the updated User Instructions!

The Eagle is the most advanced CO2 ejection system ever to be offered to the High Power Rocketry Community! The Eagle CO2 ejection system is designed and manufactured by Tinder Rocketry for parachute deployment in high powered rockets at any altitude. The Eagle, is lightweight, compact and versatile!

The Eagle CO2 ejection system is designed to be mounted completely INSIDE the avionics bay!

The Eagle is easy to use and works with ANY 5/8",1/2" or 3/8" threaded CO2 cartridge ranging in size from 8 to 86 grams! Best of all, The Eagle is for all practical purposes acceleration immune regardless of mounting orientation!

Av-Bay Sled Assy with Eye Bolt2.jpg
Above Avionic bay pictures are from John Woody's MadCow AGM 58 - Thanks John!
Testing The the house!
Very first test of the Eagle CO2 Ejection System
Testing The Eagle in a vacuum
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