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Firebird 9G test1.png

New for 2023
 The FireBird
Recessed Ejection Charge Wells



Mounts almost flush with the bulkhead!

No wires breach the bulkhead!

No wire terminals are needed on top of the bulkhead!

Precision Machined heat treated aluminum

Super CLEAN Appearance!

Nicely anodized for corrosion protection

Anodized finish protects e-matches from short circuiting

Capped and sealed with common drinking water bottle tops

Safely co-exists partly in the avionics bay

Complete kit with mounting hardware, sealing putty and sealing o-rings

Common drinking water bottle caps

Lightweight construction

Works with BP ONLY!

Lifetime Tech Support & Lifetime Warranty


Double FireBird Charge Well Kit includes:


Two Precision Machined Aluminum Charge Wells

Two Mounting Retention Nuts

Charge Cup Sealing Putty & Sealing O-rings

Half Dozen of very common Drinking Water Bottle Caps

In short, everything you need to set up two FireBird Charge wells!

The FireBird charge wells are offered in 3 sizes to meet almost any need

4/19/23 - The entire family of FireBirds are in stock and ready to ship!


The FireBird 3G

Video test of the FireBird 3G
(Note the chirping birds...then...not!)

3 Gm:


6 Gm:


9 Gm:


While these FireBird Recessed Charge Wells seem expensive, consider the combined cost of a conventional charge well, the cost of the bulkhead sealing device and the terminal block along with the fact that these are just COOL!

The FireBird 6G


The FireBird 9G

For drilling the required 7/8" holes in your bulkhead, use a paddle drill for plywood and a diamond hole saw for fiberglass. Both of these type drills can be found at your local hardware store.
For your convenience, Tinder Rocketry offers two types of diamond hole saws for cutting fiberglass or carbon fiber. The fancy one has a carbide centering drill for more precise drilling, both work well.

Standard Diamond Hole Saw



Diamond Hole Saw w/Carbide Center Drill


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