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  The all new (For 2016)


CO2 Ejection System

The RAPTOR is another CO2 ejection system designed and manufactured by Tinder Rocketry for parachute deployment in high powered rockets at any altitude. The newest CO2 ejection system, The RAPTOR, is lightweight, compact and versatile! It is designed to be easy to use and works with many CO2 cartridges ranging in size from 20 to 85 grams! Best of all, The RAPTOR is for all practical purposes acceleration immune regardless of mounting orientation!

Testing the New RAPTOR

Testing the New RAPTOR with the new Dual Charge Cup

Testing the RAPTOR with CO2 cartridge chilled to
35 deg F and simulating about 10,000' in vac chamber

Testing the RAPTOR where the ENTIRE device was placed in the freezer at -25 deg F then tested in a vacuum simulating about 100,000'


 CO2 Ejection Device


 Precision Machined Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction

Works with 1/2" threaded CO2 cartridges from 20 to 85 grams!

Acceleration immune regardless of orientation

Lightweight- about 4 oz without CO2

Works with BP or BP substitute

Works in a complete vacuum & in the deep cold of Space

Lifetime Tech Support & Lifetime Unconditional Warranty




The RAPTOR Kit includes:


Precision Machined Aluminum Mounting Cap (With mounting hardware)

Precision Machined Aluminum Pyro Housing

Single and Dual Charge Cups (With red dot seals)

E-match Potting Putty& O-ring seals

Puncture Piston Assembly & Return Spring

Assembly Lube (Works the best of anything I have found)

Extra O-rings, Disassembly Punch, Cotton Swabs

Powder Measure Vials

Two 23gm & Two 35gm CO2 ctgs

In short, everything you need for an acceleration immune CO2 ejection system!


The RAPTOR is now BACK IN STOCK with a Contoured Flange option!

Temporarily out of stock - Check back next week!


8-10-22 Check out the updated User Instructions!

RAPTOR Kit with Round Flange



RAPTOR Kit with Contoured Flange



Note: I am charging a premium for the Round flange option and reducing the price on the contoured flange option because I am almost out of the round flange mounting caps. The upside to the contoured option is that two of these Contoured RAPTORS will easily fit inside a 3" airframe! There is no down-side to this option!


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