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Tinder Rocketry has been focused on bringing you the most complete lineup of strong, reliable, high power rocketry, dual deployment tether and release devices since 2009!

We have the HDPE L1 Tender Descender, the device that started it all, for all rockets up to about 25 pounds!


The L2 Tender Descender is a beautifully Copper-toned anodized aluminum device that is intended for rockets up to about 75 pounds and is capable of an initial shock load of in excess of 2,000 lbs!

 The L3 Tender Descender is an extremely strong tether and release device capable of handling over 6,000 lbs of initial shock load and has a max release load of over 1,000 lbs. Even with this tremendous strength, this device weighs only 5 oz! The L3 Tender Descender is intended for the very largest of projects weighing as much as 300 pounds or more!




Click HERE to download the instruction manual for the original Tender Descender


New for 2022 is the very strong, Completely Exhaustless TD-2 Tether and Release Device!
"The tether and release device that makes all the other tether and release devices ever made, OBSOLETE!"
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