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The L2 -Tender Descender

The L2 Tender Descender

Dimensionally, the L2 Tender Descender is the same as the L1 HDPE Tender Descender, but it is well over 4 times as strong! ​ The L2 Tender Descender is made from heat treated anodized aluminum with stainless steel quick links. ​It can handle over 2,000 lbs of initial shock load and still deploy with over 500 pounds attached, yet weighs only 52gms. ​The L2 Tender Descender is intended for rockets weighing up to about 75 pounds.

The L2 Tender Descender uses the stainless steel quick links that had tested to have a break strength of over 3,000 pounds!

Here is a video of the L2 Tender Descender being used in a 6 inch diameter rocket for a successful L3 flight!


Dimensions: 1¾ ”L x ¾”W x ¾”T (W/O quick links)
Weight: 52 grams (including quick links)
Housing Material: Heat treated anodized aluminum
Quick link Material: 1/8th inch Stainless Steel
Recommended maximum shock load: 2,000 lbs
Recommended maximum release weight: 500lbs
Recommended max rocket weight: 75 lbs

Price: $75

Click HERE to download the PDF instruction manual

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