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New for 2020 is the very powerful all Stainless Steel Mako Parachute Line Cutter!



Precision Machined all Stainless Steel Construction

VERY Powerful!

Exhaustless and QUIET!

Works in Extreme Cold and in the Vacuum of Space!

Compact size- 5/8"x 3-1/4"

Fairly Lightweight at- about 3-1/2 oz

Stainless Cap Houses E-match and Doubles as Powder Measure

Comes with Installed Ring for Lanyard Attachment

Lifetime Tech Support

Video of some of the testing:

1st test- Mako vs 16ga Copper wire

1st vacuum test- Mako vs 16ga Copper wire

Mako vs Para-cord

Mako vs Para-cord & Zip Tie

Mako vs 12ga Solid Copper wire


10/4/22 The Mako Cutter is out of stock
(But will be back soon, with some cool improvements!)


Each                  Pair

$110                   $179

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