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Note to all...

First, please accept my apologies for all the manufacturing delays on several Tinder Rocketry devices, I have been a bit distracted lately.

Secondly, any order placed now and over the Labor Day weekend, will not get shipped until Tuesday the 5th or Wednesday the 6th as I am away at a rocket launch demonstrating and testing new or improved devices!

When I return from this launch I will be working diligently to finish up the improved Peregrine CO2 ejections systems. The RAPTOR will be next and should not take long since most of what needs to be done is already done.  I will then get to the finish work that has been delaying the Mako cutters for so long. These too should not take too long as most of what needs to be done on these, again is largely done.  After I get all of the CO2 ejection systems back in stock, I will be finishing the TD-1 and will be offering an additional (And I think better) mounting solution for the TD-2. Once the TD-1 and TD-2's are done, I will be taking a short break to do some writing. I will do a write up not only how to load and clean these devices, but also how to USE THEM!

Next, and before the end of the year, I will be introducing the fairly compact yet massively strong TD-3. This will be a tether and release device for the truly largest of projects.

At the start of 2024 I will be introducing yet another device and will be considering upgrades and improvements on existing devices and will be working on more new devices.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well here is where I need your help... During this time that I am spending countless hours in the shop trying to get caught up, please do not write me asking "When will this be back in stock?" or "What will the improvements be over the previous device?" Normally I don't mind answering these sorts of questions sometimes for more than 4 hours every day. However at this point, the time that I would spend answering these questions, would truly be better spent getting caught up in the shop and this my friends is why I am leaving you this note!

Thank you for your support, your understanding and for taking the time to read all of this. I truly appreciate you and look forward to continuing to bring innovative devices to our rocketry community!


Only the best to you!



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