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The Peregrine UAV IDS Family

The now discontinued Peregrine UAV Integrated Deployment System (IDS) was a completely integrated parachute deployment system designed and manufactured by Tinder Rocketry.  It was intended to be used for all types of larger UAV’s and other aerospace recovery applications. It consisted of a modular carbon fiber canister containing a pre-packed parachute and a CNC machined aluminum base unit containing a CO2 deployment device. The parachute was tightly packed into the carbon fiber canister and that canister attached to the base unit with a simple twist lock!

The CO2 ejection system is integrated into the machined aluminum base unit. It uses standard CO2 cartridge available worldwide. To initiate deployment, an e-match or low cost model rocket igniter is used to fire a small .2cc BP or BP substitute charge that opens the CO2 cartridge.

After use the parachute canister can be easily replaced with a loaded canister in the field. The chute can later be reloaded into the canister back at your facility.


There are three Carbon Fiber canister diameters available to accommodate a wide range of chute sizes. The 4 inch diameter canister uses the 4 inch, single CO2 powered Base Unit. The 5 and 6 inch Carbon Fiber canisters are both powered by the 5 inch Base Unit which uses Dual 12 gram CO2 cartridges.


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