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In the beginning, Tinder Rocketry was simply focused on bringing you the most complete lineup of strong, reliable, high power rocketry, dual deployment, tether and release devices.

Gradually we have developed other products such as CO2 ejection systems for high powered rocketry and Emergency Parachute Recovery systems for UAV's and Drones.

New for 2016 was the RAPTOR CO2 deployment device for high powered rocketry!

New in 2019 was the all Stainless Steel Piranha Cable Tie/Line Cutter

New in 2020 was the most advanced CO2 ejection system ever to be released to the high power rocket community: The Eagle!

Also new in 2020 was a powerful, quiet and exhaustless line cutter The Mako!

New in 2022 is the all new, VASTLY improved Piranha Line Cutter!

New in 2022 is the all new, TD-2 Tether and release device!

New in 2023 is the all new FireBird Recessed Charge Wells

Also coming soon are the TD-1 and TD-3 tether and release devices, The Dragon, a non black powder, non CO2, gas generating device, as well as upgrades to the TD-2 and more!

New for November of 2020
The Eagle CO2 Ejection System

The Eagle is the most advanced CO2 ejection system ever to be offered to the High Power Rocketry Community! The Eagle CO2 ejection system is designed and manufactured by Tinder Rocketry for parachute deployment in high powered rockets at any altitude. The Eagle, is lightweight, compact and versatile!

The Eagle CO2 ejection system is designed to be mounted completely INSIDE the avionics bay!

We started in 2009 by brining you the Original Tender Descender. Shortly after that we intoroduced the L2 Tender Descender followed by the L3 making an entire family of tether and release devices known as the Tender Descender.

In 2013, we introduced the Exhaustless Peregrine CO2 deployment device for high powered rocketry!

In 2014 we introduced a Integrated Deployment System (IDS) for UAV’s,

Large Multicopers and Drones


Late in 2015 at the request of one of our customers, we developed and introduced the "Dual Cap 54" for the Peregrine allowing you to fly dual Peregrines inside a

54mm rocket!!

New for 2016 is the RAPTOR CO2 deployment device for high powered rocketry!

The RAPTOR, is lightweight, compact and versatile! It is designed to be easy to use and works with many CO2 cartridges ranging in size from 20 to 85 grams! Best of all, The RAPTOR is for all practical purposes acceleration immune regardless of mounting orientation!

New in late 2016, the Emergency Drone Recovery (EDR) system is introduced! The EDR system uses a very small 3/8 gram non-regulated pyro charge and non-regulated initiators  (See User Manual- Coming soon!) that work together with an internal pressure regulator to act as a gas generator to eject the parachute at a great velocity to quickly get it away from the rotors and allows for the quickest possible inflation! Because of this rapid ejection, the EDR system does not have to be mounted at an angle to shoot it away from the rotors! And the great news is that when your drone is coming down for lack of battery power, this system does not need a massive amount of current to fire like the high current thermal-fuse systems do!


Best of all the EDR system is very lightweight and in fact the EDR system is the lightest drone recovery system in its recovery weight class!


The Stainless Steel Piranha is not the first, not the lightest and not the least expensive line cutter, but it is the best line cutter you can buy for high powered rocketry!

(Click on any image below to learn more about TR Recovery Products!)

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